The M POUTINE basic menu

So how is M POUTINE's food unique? The simple answer is based on our perfect combination of handcut fresh fries, special seasoning, our range of homemade gravies, the squeaky curds and all the other additional ingredients. Whatever you choose to eat, your culinary experience will be special!

  1. Take piping hot fries hand tossed in our secret herb salt mix
  2. Add a handful of fresh squeaky curds
  3. Top with one of our steamy, rich, delicious signature gravies


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Beef Gravy [The Classic] € 3.90 € 5.50
Chicken Gravy € 3.90 € 5.50
Creamy Paprika € 3.90 € 5.50
Veggie Curry € 3.90 € 5.50
Bolognese € 4.90 € 6.50
Canadian Fries € 2.50 € 3.50

We Kick It Up A Notch

M POUTINE has taken the traditional Poutine of fries topped with fresh curds and gravy and kicked it up a notch.

  • Regionally grown potatoes are hand-cut daily into 10mm fries and soaked in a water bath in order to remove starch. The fries are twice fried in trans-fatfree sunflower oil leaving them fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.
  • Our curds are made from the milk of soft brown Allgäu cattle that graze in the springtime meadows rich in alpine flowers in the heart of German cheesemaking. And yes, they do squeak!
  • Our gravies are made by roasting beef or chicken bones with a mirepoix. We then add our special combination of fresh herbs, deglaze the pans with local wine or beer and let them simmer for as long as two days…. We add a little cognac or truffle oil and end up with one of our amazing signature gravies.

M POUTINE carries organic soft drinks and organic beers from the region. We also serve bio, fair trade espresso. Our organic salads are served with M POUTINE’s secret recipe Canadian Cranberry Vinaigrette and for anyone who can still handle something sweet, we bake our own amazing cranberry brownies….

We sell Neumarkter Lammsbräu ecological beer and NOW ecological lemonade


"NOW" Bio-Lemonade Black Cola € 2.50
"NOW" Bio-Lemonade White Bitter € 2.50
"NOW" Bio-Lemonade Sunny Orange € 2.50
"NOW" Bio-Lemonade Red Berry € 2.50
"NOW" Bio-Lemonade Green Herbs € 2.50
"NOW" Bio-Lemonade Fresh Lemon € 2.50
Neumarkter Lammsbräu Urstoff 0,5l € 3.40
Neumarkter Lammsbräu Edel Pils 0,33l € 2.90
Bio-Weinschorle 0,25l € 2.90
Bio-Fairtrade Espresso € 1.90
Bio-Fairtrade Capuccino € 2.20
Bio-Fairtrade Latte Macchiato € 2.60